It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. I’ve been taking a bit of a break from most things internet related, except for learning about playing the guitar (and banjo,ukelele,dobro,etc) Not only have I been obsessed with guitar, and learning more about music, I feel like I’ve been learning a new language meeting lots of great people both young and old. I’m open to many kinds of music and find that when I listen to and/or play music not only does it open up a whole new form of communication, it is often very therapeutic. I’ve noticed that moods can change in an instant, smiles take the place of frowns, and when toes start tapping and bodies swaying we are making the best of that moment…and how cool is that?
Today I feel compelled to take a break from my internet sabbatical and begin to share whats going on. Sometimes it has been a bit of an obsession (in a good way) I feel so fortunate and blessed to be involved with all the different elements of making music, meeting musicians and continually learning more about this art form.
My plan is to start posting more regularly and while my mindset hasn’t shifted from the knowledge that we can create a fantastic life by channelling our thoughts and energies in positive directions and being open to all that life has to offer, music is now another way in which I communicate…It opens up so many possibilities and I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve been exposed to and learned (and am still learning every day)
Well that’s it in a nutshell, just a heads up that you can expect to hear from me more regularly, and making music will become a new element of my communication.

I’ve been travelling in Mexico for the last month or so and have had an opportunity to chill and re-evaluate…I’ve decided its not right to keep it to myself…and I feel compelled to share.

Here’s a sample of what’s been giving me inspiration

Mexican Sunset


Adios for now,

Have a fantastic day!



The Winner

“The winner is the one who is willing to get out on the field and play the game”  Vince Lombardi

Better safe than sorry…how many times have you heard that one? But if you really play it safe and don’t even get in the game you may keep yourself from getting hurt but at best you’ll be a spectator watching your favourite team win.

So if you actually get out there and get involved, playing the game with enthusiasm and passion you are a winner!! If you get beat, does that make you a loser?  Well maybe on that day, but not in the long run. If you get back out there and apply all the stuff you just learned the hard way, with a big dose of persistence it’s inevitable that you will be a winner.

If you play the game with determination, passion, and courage, and you still end up losing, people will rally behind you and help you in all kinds of ways. See, it’s human nature to support the underdog… to help you succeed.

But if you remain on the sidelines, all you can do is watch others while they’re playing the game. So don’t let an opportunity to get in the game pass you by. Get out there, get involved, and prepare to be a winner.

Have a fantastic game,




How We Gave a Grey Whale a Headache

We just returned from our annual trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island where we did some salmon fishing, relaxing at our campsite right on the beach, went for long walks down the beach, we ate fresh seafood whenever we felt like it….had a marvelous vacation!!

Many of you know that I’m an avid salmon fisherman, so true to “hard-core fisherman” form I was up at 4:30 on Thursday morning with my fishing partner Dave, to get out on the water by about 5:15 A.M. to get in on the morning bite. This was to be a most memorable morning.

Almost immediately we began catching fish…chinook salmon in the 20 to 30 lb. range. Action was fast and furious. We didn’t even get a chance to have our morning coffee. Knowing that the action can turn off as quickly as it turns on we kept fishing. That morning we had 3 “double headers” (where 2 salmon are on at one time) which added to the intensity. There were numerous boats fishing the same area…when word of good fishing gets out it travels fast!! so we had an audience for what I’m about to describe.

We were making a pass in ”the hole” and just coming up to the shallows at the kelp bed eagerly anticipating the next bite (the kelp bed was one of our hot spots), when Dave mentioned that he thought he saw a sea lion ahead. Now, sea lions and seals love eating salmon and the sound of a screaming reel is like a dinner bell to them. Many fish are inadvertedly fed to these animals every season…we’ve lost our share of fish to them!!

What happened next is a “once in a lifetime” occurance. Dave yelled out “Holy #%&$” and I looked up just in time to see a 30 foot long gray whale just a few feet from the bow of our 17 foot fishing boat. I guess the whale wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around him (too busy feeding in the kelp bed) Just seconds later I felt the whale bump the bow of our boat and just as quickly do an amazing u-turn to avoid the boat. In the process we were showered by a misting of stinky whale breath. We couldn’t believe what had just happened…Grey whales don’t hit boats. And the fishermen in the boats near us were just as incredulous….Did you see what just happened? That whale just rammed that boat!!

It was absolutely incredible to see the agility of such a large animal. The whole scene is etched in my memory forever. When I “replay the tapes” in my mind I can actually smell the whale breath….Wow!!

We were back at the beach by 9:30 AM with a boat full of fish and a great “whale tale”….just in time for breakfast. As Dave was heard to say a few times that day ” Yup, we had a good morning, eight salmon and got bonked by a grey whale”

What a fantastic day!


Do it Now !

I wonder if there’s someone you’ve been meaning to call or send a note to, or maybe offer some words of encouragement…maybe a long overdue reconciliation, an apology, or an “I love you”. Hmmm, been meaning to do it when I get “unbusy”. There’s only so many hours in the day you know. I’ll have time to get to it soon.

How about going on that trip you’ve always dreamed about, or writing your book, visiting your Grandmother, or taking your kid fishing?

A wise man once explained to me that hours become days,and days become weeks, and weeks become months. Then before you know it years have gone by. And with the passage of time, everything evolves and changes. Kids grow up, new relationships develop, people get old…and die. I think that most of the tears shed at funerals are not tears of sadness, but tears of regret for words left unspoken and deeds left undone. And as we get older, while we may get a little wiser, we also lose some of our youthful vigor and stamina….even if we won’t admit it. You’re probably not going to run many marathons in your seventies or eighties :)  How many more reasons do you need to “Do it Now”?

No matter how long you live, life is short! You don’t know if the remainder of your earthly existence will be measured in years, months, days, or maybe even minutes. This fact slapped me upside the head last week when I learned of a friend of mine’s death. “Little Joe” is what we called him in high school, was short in stature but he sure had a big heart. And I’m proud and honoured to have known him and call him my friend. At less than 60 years of age, and physically active with no serious ailments that I was aware of, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought he’d have many more years on this earth. It’s been a while since I talked to him…didn’t have any urgency in contacting him, however had I known that his time on this earth was about to come to an end, I sure would have put it in high gear and got on with it.

Enough said, Do it Now!

R.I.P. Little Joe



Living Aloha

Just spent a couple of weeks in Maui….was blown away by how beautiful it is there; jungle, desert, amazing waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, fantastic people…and the weather was just right, not too hot, not too cold. Wow!! No shortage of activities either.There’s swimming, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, etc, etc. And of course just spending the day at the beach soaking up the sun and getting that fine Hawaiian sand all over everything is on the list too!

I really don’t need to make the decision on whether to go back  or not, the only question is when.

One of our most memorable activities was an all day snorkeling and sight seeing boat trip. The beauty of the coast, the islands, the spectacular fish and other underwater sea life and dolphins made this trip fantastic. We saw a (big) manta ray, we swam  through an underwater lava tube, got to do some rock diving (for the more adventurous ones)

But what made this boat trip even more memorable was an aha moment I had while on our snorkelling trip. The captain, Dave, is a most entertaining guy with lots of stories on the history of the area and adventures he’s had…he really likes to talk, and is most personable. Best of all, he absolutely loves his job. He talked about how lucky he is to be doing what he loves in a place that he loves. He is so passionate and grateful for the opportunity to live his passion. During one of his anecdotes he spoke about this and summed it up by saying the he truly lives “Aloha”.   Now I know that aloha is the Hawaiian word for hello and goodbye, so does that mean he’s always both coming and going? :)   Dave is a very energetic guy and does bounce around alot, but I knew that’s not what he meant. So when I had an opportunity to speak with him I had to ask, “What exactly did you mean when you talked about “living aloha”?

He summed it up perfectly and in a way I’ll never forget when he said, ” Living aloha is living life with absolutely no anger”

That was it, the whole explanation was just a few short words, and as I mentioned previously, Dave is a man of many words….but  not this time! He really couldn’t have made his point any clearer by adding any more words. But what a fantastic way to live!

Think about it. What if we all made a commitment to “Live Aloha” and live our lives without the burden of anger or resentment?

When I reflect on this amazing trip to Hawaii with my family, the one thing I’ll always remember is the words “Live Aloha” and what they mean.

Aloha, and have a fantastic day


Get Revved Up…No more Excuses

I’d like to share one of the most important, invigorating, eye-opening, enlightening realizations that I have had the amazing good fortune to realize…I only wish that I had figured this out years ago, but better now than sometime in the future.

What I’m about to tell you can be one of the most significant ah ha’s that you can have. Just give yourself the gift of really giving this idea the consideration it deserves.

It starts with asking yourself this:

What do I love to do and/or would like to try?

Am I doing it?

If the answer is yes, then go to the next thing on your list. I’m sure it won’t be long before you identify something that you’ve been putting off…and I’m sure you have all kinds of excuses reasons for not doing it. Don’t let these excuses reasons keep you from taking a step towards what you know in your gut that you really, really want to try. You know this is something that will get your motor ”revved up” Don’t have the time? You know you can tweak your priorities. Don’t have the money? How much do you really need to get started? Don’t have the skills or talent? I’ll bet you have a lot more potential than you’re giving yourself credit for!

Do yourself a favor, and give it a shot. It could totally change your life.

Are you sitting in the driveway waiting for all green lights before revving up your engine and heading down the road you know you want to travel?

Here’s why I’m so passionate about this fundamental idea…and you know it’s not a new idea. (There aren’t any new fundamentals.) I’ve always enjoyed fooling around with guitars but have not taken that first step of actually learning to play. I learned a few chords when I was a teenager but other than that it has always been something on my list. Lot’s of excuses…no time, no money, I’ll do it next year, I probably won’t be any good at it cause my fingers are too big. Then it was I’m a little too old to start now, and besides I don’t even have a guitar. Maybe next year. You know the kid’s will probably get a hold of my guitar and destroy it, so why even bother getting started.

Yup, it’s easy to talk yourself out of doing something that you really want to try. I’ll let you in on the real reason I didn’t go ahead and learn to play the guitar. I was afraid of getting out of my comfort zone. I know it’s not a good excuse, and I’m actually getting out of my comfort zone right now by admitting the real reason I didn’t do it :)

But something changed and I got together the “courage” to make it happen. Once I made the decision to do this thing that I always knew I would really enjoy, all my excuses dissolved. I didn’t even own a guitar…a friend of mine offered to lend me one. How was I gonna learn to play?…my family got me a gift certificate for guitar lessons (I guess they knew me better than I knew myself) I don’t have anyone to play with…all kinds of people I know are musicians and I didn’t realize it. Where am I gonna find the time to play?…cutting down on watching TV gives me lots of guitar time.

The best part is that I got my motor revved up and I’m having a fantastic time learning to play the guitar. It was a mere 14 months ago that I took my first lesson and it took me about 6 months to really get into it. But right now I’m learning so much…my rate of learning has accelerated to the point that It’s a whirlwind of activity. I could spend hours and hours playing if I had the time…Oh, oh, there’s those excuses again…I just gotta make more time. And did I mention that I’m all revved up and have a smile on my face when I get to play.

I’m so very grateful that I got beyond all my reasons for procrastinating and got on with it, but I can’t help but wonder about what would have transpired if I had done this a lot sooner, i.e. followed my intuitive desire to pursue what I always knew I loved. There’s nothing we can do about the past except for learn from it. And I feel compelled to shout it out from the rooftops for anyone who will listen…and even for those who won’t, it might sink in anyway.

Drop the excuses and get on with it! Get your motor revved up, get passionate about what you know you want to try. It might change your life!

Have a Fantastic Day

PS: I’m really into this guitar playing thing so you can expect a lot more info coming up soon.





The one that got away

Is there something you could do for hours and not get tired of?  Something that you really love to do? Something that you get better at the more you do it?

There’s a few activities that come to mind that fit that description for me…One of them is going fishing. There’s something about being out on the water, away from my normal day to day routine, spending time with other fishermen, that I never seem to get tired of. And getting ”the big one” to take the fly (or lure, or bait) isn’t as easy as you may think. Fishing really is something that you get better at the more you do it. And it’s true that 10% of fishermen catch 90% of the fish…I want to be in the 10% club :)

Fishing is a great way to relax and unwind. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “The worst day fishing is better than the best day working”. Now, that may not be totally true for everyone, but there’s a lot of fishermen out there that are convinced it is. We all need periods of “R & R” to recharge our batteries. Going fishing is one way that works for me.

I don’t know if fish are really all that smart, but I do know they’ve outsmarted me on many occasions….I know that big fish don’t get that way by eating every flashy thing that comes by them. There’s been many times I’ve been out fishing where the number of fishermen has greatly exceeded the number of fish caught.

There’s something that most fishermen realize after a while….it may take many years, but I think it’s safe to say that most longtime fishermen eventually recognize that it’s not the “catching” but the “fishing” that they love. They also love to tell fish stories and it’s a well known fact that the size of “the one that got away” often gets embellished over time.

Over the years, I’ve had many memorable experiences and have met many interesting people while fishing. The following is a true story (not embellished) that happened while I was salmon fishing on the west coast of Vancouver Island a few years ago.

My fishing partner Greg and I had got up at 4:30 AM to get out early for the “morning bite” After getting to our destination at about 5:30 and bobbing around for about 3 hours without so much as a nibble, I suddenly had a savage strike on my rod. Almost immediately the fish went on a powerful run and by the time Greg had pulled in his line and got the boat turned around, the salmon had about 200 yards of line out. Doing my best to get the attention of a few boats that were heading our way to let them know we had a fish on, we started chasing the salmon. We did our best to keep away from the other boats, and once they realized what was happening, they gave us as much room as they could. But the salmon had other ideas…I think he was headed for Japan. So when all of a sudden my line stopped…and then went slack, I had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach…I knew exactly what had happened. The fish had wrapped the fishing line around a downrigger cable of another boat and the line had snapped. The fish was gone, my flasher and teaserhead were gone, and most of the line on the reel was gone. @#&%$##$%*

Oh well, what could I do but get out another reel, put it on my rod, and get it set up so that I could resume fishing. So after the frustration of the moment had subsided, and Greg had got his line back in the water, I began getting my gear back together. As I was in the process of putting the reel on, another boat came close and someone yelled something like “That was a nice fish” to which I replied “Sure was a nice one”. To which he responded “No…I’ve got your fish!”

Whaaat? Did he say he’s got my fish? Still not quite believing what I had just heard, he said it again. “Hey, I’ve got your fish…come alongside and I’ll give it to you” He told us how how sorry he was for getting too close, not realizing how much line the fish had taken out. He told us how he was amazed that when he pulled up his downrigger and grabbed the line, the fish was still at the end, and after carefully handlining the fish in he managed to net the 30 pound spring salmon. First he handed me my flasher complete with my teaserhead setup. Then he handed me the net with the fish still in it. I was almost speechless I said something about there being honor among fishermen and thanked him for his noble gesture. As I handed his net back to him he asked if we were entered in the fishing derby that weekend…we were not…and he commented on how the salmon might be big enough to win a prize if we were entered. He joked about how happy he was that we weren’t in the derby so that he still had a chance of winning. (they had a salmon of about 25 pounds in the boat) We said goodbye, thanked him once again, and everyone resumed fishing.

Almost immediately after we began fishing again, we saw that our new friend had a nice fish on and commented on how it must be due to his good karma. We ended up having a great day, catching a couple more nice spring salmon, returning to the dock with big smiles on our face and a good fish story to tell.

But wait! It get’s even better!!

That night, when I asked another fishermen if he knew who had won the derby (He told me but I didn’t recognize his name), he recounted a ”fish story” told by the derby winner that evening. It was about a guy that had lost a salmon tangled  around his downrigger and how he had handlined the fish in and returned it to “the other guy” And how shortly afterwards he had hooked and landed the eventual  derby winner of 42 pounds….and how he thought it must have been the result of his good karma after giving the “one that got away” back.

Couldn’t have had a better ending!





Happy New Year

OK, so I’m a week late, but Happy New Year anyway. I hope that you’re sticking to your resolutions, especially the ones related to your health and wellbeing. (which covers about 90% of most people’s New Year’s commitments)

Most of you have probably checked it out already, but I’d like to officially announce that Karlee has her new blog up and running and it’s fantastic. Lot’s of great stuff on healthy lifestyle and balanced living. For a unique and brilliant perspective we can all benefit from, check it out at .

For any of you that may be struggling with your health related resolutions, I’d like to pass on a “secret” that could make all the difference.

The “secret” is that great health begins in your mind, not your body. It’s your thoughts about how you see yourself and your world that impact the choices you make in every moment of every day. Great health and wellness is the result of healthy living…so tell me something I don’t already know, Peter. OK then, here it is…

The picture we hold in our mind of who we are and just as importantly who we are becoming is what drives our decisions about whether to have that piece of cheesecake or to to take the dog for a walk or to read that book instead of becoming mesmerized by the TV. And these decisions are really influenced by the ideas rooted in our subconscious mind related to our self image. Most of our decisions are essentially made before we consciously weigh the pros and cons and then take action.

The image of the confident, beautiful, happy, vibrant, energetic, healthy, loving person that is you is what is deciding for you. Getting clarity on who you really are will relieve you of the “torment of choice” And remember, you are the thinker…you get to choose and shape your thoughts and beliefs.

Become crystal clear on what you really want and then see that picture in your “mind’s eye”….and hold that image so that it becomes your “operating system” . Then your decisions become easy and you’ll be well on your way towards turning your image into reality!

Oh, and one more thing, I know this stuff works, but that doesn’t mean I’ve got it mastered. Knowing something and doing it are 2 different things. But I’m committed to staying the course and allowing my “best self” to emerge. And I look forward to sharing my successes and failings with you, keeping in mind that failing doesn’t make me a failure. I only become a failure when I quit trying!!

Have a fantastic day


“All the water in the world cannot drown you unless it gets inside of you”   Eleanor Roosevelt



It’s time Santa went on a diet

I’ve been thinking its time that the jolly fellow (Santa Claus) started looking after himself and cut out the eggnogg and shortbread cookies. He’s not setting a very good example for the kids, is he?  He’s overweight (fat) and all he does is ho ho ho about it. And what about Rudolph and the other reindeer…it must be hard dragging around an old fat guy and waiting around on the rooftop while he squeezes himself through the chimney. And it really would be a lot easier to make it down the chimney if he lost a few pounds.

So here’s how we can give Santa a little help in the healthy living department. This year don’t leave him beer and pretzels, or milk and cookies, or chocolates. It’s time we showed some tough love and left him some healthy snacks…how about some veggies, carrot sticks and broccoli (but hold the veggie dip). Or some nuts and raisins,or an apple, maybe some edamame beans, or anything with tofu in it :)

Santa may not be too thrilled about the change of pace, but I’m thinking he’ll thank us for it next year, when, if he’s taken our advice he’ll be able to fit  into his old Santa Suit from back when he was  a young Santa. And I’m going to send him a link to Karlee’s Vegan Survival Guide to give him some healthy eating ideas.

It’s time Santa started taking his health more seriously…he’s got a lot of kids counting on him. Maybe next year we can get him to quit smoking, drinking, and carrying on with the elves.

There’s something else that I’d like to address…Why is it that people are so happy and loving and caring at Christmas? But they drive their cars like it’s demolition derby time at the PNE. I’ve seen more middle finger salutes these past few days than I’ve seen all year. It must be getting close to Christmas. After we make it through this “joyous season”, people will most likely go back to being their same old grumpy selves and I’m hoping their driving will get back to “normal” as well.

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas to all and wishing everyone a fantastic 2012


Chill Out and Have Some Fun!

The holidays can be really stressful with fighting crowds in the mall, battling the bulge of the waistline, making sure you bought the perfect gift and making sure that you didn’t forget about anyone special. Yes all of those things are really stressful, and they can make you want to pull your hair out (or have a temper tantrum in the middle of the mall).

*Is this what you want?? Nobody wants this reaction when they ask for some holiday cheer!! Check out the link. 

We all know the holidays are supposed to a time for fun, but it is sooo easy to get wrapped up in the stress of exams, gift buying, decorating etc. Remember when you were a kid and you thought there were monsters in your closet? Well do you remember how you didn’t want to admit it to anyone, because you thought you were the only kid in school who was afraid of the dark?

Not saying that we are all afraid of the holidays (well some of us might be), but it is refreshing to know that WE AREN’T ALONE! Seriously though everyone feels that way!

So why am I telling you this? You can stop thinking ‘Okay thanks Karlee for pointing out that the holidays are stressful… We clearly knew that already!’ Well this is me speaking out to remind all of you to have some fun today!

Ya you might have nine hundred things on your to-do list, you might be trying to cram for your last exam, or you might be trying to get your kids ready for the last week of school… but seriously I DARE YOU to take some time for yourself today and do something that you LOVE. It is easy to get caught up in the holiday rush and forget about the things that make you happy.

Today I am going to do something for myself. No I am not going to shred my to-do list and pretend like I don’t have to study, clean my room, or pack for home.  I am still going to get all of that done, but I am also going to go to the gym, watch an episode of my favorite tv show, and maybe even take a few minutes to dance around to Christmas music (okay fine I already did that today).

Stop stressing about the holidays! This is supposed to be a time to enjoy the company of friends and family, not a time to be angry with the world. Everyone has something they want to do, but can’t because they don’t have the time, money or energy. Today is your day to do whatever that thing is!


Questions for you guys to answer. We wanna get to know our readers!

What is your favourite holiday tradition? What is one thing you wish you had more time for during this busy time?