It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. I’ve been taking a bit of a break from most things internet related, except for learning about playing the guitar (and banjo,ukelele,dobro,etc) Not only have I been obsessed with guitar, and learning more about music, I feel like I’ve been learning a new language meeting lots of great people both young and old. I’m open to many kinds of music and find that when I listen to and/or play music not only does it open up a whole new form of communication, it is often very therapeutic. I’ve noticed that moods can change in an instant, smiles take the place of frowns, and when toes start tapping and bodies swaying we are making the best of that moment…and how cool is that?
Today I feel compelled to take a break from my internet sabbatical and begin to share whats going on. Sometimes it has been a bit of an obsession (in a good way) I feel so fortunate and blessed to be involved with all the different elements of making music, meeting musicians and continually learning more about this art form.
My plan is to start posting more regularly and while my mindset hasn’t shifted from the knowledge that we can create a fantastic life by channelling our thoughts and energies in positive directions and being open to all that life has to offer, music is now another way in which I communicate…It opens up so many possibilities and I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve been exposed to and learned (and am still learning every day)
Well that’s it in a nutshell, just a heads up that you can expect to hear from me more regularly, and making music will become a new element of my communication.

I’ve been travelling in Mexico for the last month or so and have had an opportunity to chill and re-evaluate…I’ve decided its not right to keep it to myself…and I feel compelled to share.

Here’s a sample of what’s been giving me inspiration

Mexican Sunset


Adios for now,

Have a fantastic day!



Do it Now !

I wonder if there’s someone you’ve been meaning to call or send a note to, or maybe offer some words of encouragement…maybe a long overdue reconciliation, an apology, or an “I love you”. Hmmm, been meaning to do it when I get “unbusy”. There’s only so many hours in the day you know. I’ll have time to get to it soon.

How about going on that trip you’ve always dreamed about, or writing your book, visiting your Grandmother, or taking your kid fishing?

A wise man once explained to me that hours become days,and days become weeks, and weeks become months. Then before you know it years have gone by. And with the passage of time, everything evolves and changes. Kids grow up, new relationships develop, people get old…and die. I think that most of the tears shed at funerals are not tears of sadness, but tears of regret for words left unspoken and deeds left undone. And as we get older, while we may get a little wiser, we also lose some of our youthful vigor and stamina….even if we won’t admit it. You’re probably not going to run many marathons in your seventies or eighties :)  How many more reasons do you need to “Do it Now”?

No matter how long you live, life is short! You don’t know if the remainder of your earthly existence will be measured in years, months, days, or maybe even minutes. This fact slapped me upside the head last week when I learned of a friend of mine’s death. “Little Joe” is what we called him in high school, was short in stature but he sure had a big heart. And I’m proud and honoured to have known him and call him my friend. At less than 60 years of age, and physically active with no serious ailments that I was aware of, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought he’d have many more years on this earth. It’s been a while since I talked to him…didn’t have any urgency in contacting him, however had I known that his time on this earth was about to come to an end, I sure would have put it in high gear and got on with it.

Enough said, Do it Now!

R.I.P. Little Joe



Get Revved Up…No more Excuses

I’d like to share one of the most important, invigorating, eye-opening, enlightening realizations that I have had the amazing good fortune to realize…I only wish that I had figured this out years ago, but better now than sometime in the future.

What I’m about to tell you can be one of the most significant ah ha’s that you can have. Just give yourself the gift of really giving this idea the consideration it deserves.

It starts with asking yourself this:

What do I love to do and/or would like to try?

Am I doing it?

If the answer is yes, then go to the next thing on your list. I’m sure it won’t be long before you identify something that you’ve been putting off…and I’m sure you have all kinds of excuses reasons for not doing it. Don’t let these excuses reasons keep you from taking a step towards what you know in your gut that you really, really want to try. You know this is something that will get your motor ”revved up” Don’t have the time? You know you can tweak your priorities. Don’t have the money? How much do you really need to get started? Don’t have the skills or talent? I’ll bet you have a lot more potential than you’re giving yourself credit for!

Do yourself a favor, and give it a shot. It could totally change your life.

Are you sitting in the driveway waiting for all green lights before revving up your engine and heading down the road you know you want to travel?

Here’s why I’m so passionate about this fundamental idea…and you know it’s not a new idea. (There aren’t any new fundamentals.) I’ve always enjoyed fooling around with guitars but have not taken that first step of actually learning to play. I learned a few chords when I was a teenager but other than that it has always been something on my list. Lot’s of excuses…no time, no money, I’ll do it next year, I probably won’t be any good at it cause my fingers are too big. Then it was I’m a little too old to start now, and besides I don’t even have a guitar. Maybe next year. You know the kid’s will probably get a hold of my guitar and destroy it, so why even bother getting started.

Yup, it’s easy to talk yourself out of doing something that you really want to try. I’ll let you in on the real reason I didn’t go ahead and learn to play the guitar. I was afraid of getting out of my comfort zone. I know it’s not a good excuse, and I’m actually getting out of my comfort zone right now by admitting the real reason I didn’t do it :)

But something changed and I got together the “courage” to make it happen. Once I made the decision to do this thing that I always knew I would really enjoy, all my excuses dissolved. I didn’t even own a guitar…a friend of mine offered to lend me one. How was I gonna learn to play?…my family got me a gift certificate for guitar lessons (I guess they knew me better than I knew myself) I don’t have anyone to play with…all kinds of people I know are musicians and I didn’t realize it. Where am I gonna find the time to play?…cutting down on watching TV gives me lots of guitar time.

The best part is that I got my motor revved up and I’m having a fantastic time learning to play the guitar. It was a mere 14 months ago that I took my first lesson and it took me about 6 months to really get into it. But right now I’m learning so much…my rate of learning has accelerated to the point that It’s a whirlwind of activity. I could spend hours and hours playing if I had the time…Oh, oh, there’s those excuses again…I just gotta make more time. And did I mention that I’m all revved up and have a smile on my face when I get to play.

I’m so very grateful that I got beyond all my reasons for procrastinating and got on with it, but I can’t help but wonder about what would have transpired if I had done this a lot sooner, i.e. followed my intuitive desire to pursue what I always knew I loved. There’s nothing we can do about the past except for learn from it. And I feel compelled to shout it out from the rooftops for anyone who will listen…and even for those who won’t, it might sink in anyway.

Drop the excuses and get on with it! Get your motor revved up, get passionate about what you know you want to try. It might change your life!

Have a Fantastic Day

PS: I’m really into this guitar playing thing so you can expect a lot more info coming up soon.





Making Choices

To feel good and be healthy is a worthwhile objective, and we have a lot of information about healthy choices at our fingertips, but to reap the rewards of great health and wellbeing we have to decide to make improvements in our current habits. Being aware of our choices is an important first step. The next step is taking positive action and actually making improvements in our diet and lifestyle habits.

If you have the knowledge and don’t do anything with it, you’re no better off than the person that doesn’t have the knowledge!

The choices I make will not be the same as yours. We are unique individuals in unique situations with different habits, body types, metabolism, etc. An important element of making decisions that are best for you is to become clear on what works for you…and sometimes the only way to find out is to try something new.

I’ve been frequently questioned as to why I decided to take the 21 day vegan challenge with Karlee. My answer is that I wanted to determine the effect of a meat and dairy free diet on my health and how I felt. (Another reason was that Karlee challenged me to try it) I found that dairy products affected me more than I realized. And I haven’t yet reintroduced them into my diet. My plan is to stay with a dairy free diet for the next few months to see if there are continued improvements in how I feel. Then I’ll try reintroducing a few dairy products…(I really like cheese)

Many people don’t realize the effect that diet has on our overall health and wellbeing. The decision to find out how different foods affect you is the first step in determining the ideal diet for you. And once you have the knowledge, then of course your next step is to make the changes that are best for you, and which will ultimately become part of your personal ”Excellent Health Program”.

Have a fantastic day



“Not to decide is to decide”