Happy New Year

OK, so I’m a week late, but Happy New Year anyway. I hope that you’re sticking to your resolutions, especially the ones related to your health and wellbeing. (which covers about 90% of most people’s New Year’s commitments)

Most of you have probably checked it out already, but I’d like to officially announce that Karlee has her new blog up and running and it’s fantastic. Lot’s of great stuff on healthy lifestyle and balanced living. For a unique and brilliant perspective we can all benefit from, check it out at http://bringingbackbalance.com/ .

For any of you that may be struggling with your health related resolutions, I’d like to pass on a “secret” that could make all the difference.

The “secret” is that great health begins in your mind, not your body. It’s your thoughts about how you see yourself and your world that impact the choices you make in every moment of every day. Great health and wellness is the result of healthy living…so tell me something I don’t already know, Peter. OK then, here it is…

The picture we hold in our mind of who we are and just as importantly who we are becoming is what drives our decisions about whether to have that piece of cheesecake or to to take the dog for a walk or to read that book instead of becoming mesmerized by the TV. And these decisions are really influenced by the ideas rooted in our subconscious mind related to our self image. Most of our decisions are essentially made before we consciously weigh the pros and cons and then take action.

The image of the confident, beautiful, happy, vibrant, energetic, healthy, loving person that is you is what is deciding for you. Getting clarity on who you really are will relieve you of the “torment of choice” And remember, you are the thinker…you get to choose and shape your thoughts and beliefs.

Become crystal clear on what you really want and then see that picture in your “mind’s eye”….and hold that image so that it becomes your “operating system” . Then your decisions become easy and you’ll be well on your way towards turning your image into reality!

Oh, and one more thing, I know this stuff works, but that doesn’t mean I’ve got it mastered. Knowing something and doing it are 2 different things. But I’m committed to staying the course and allowing my “best self” to emerge. And I look forward to sharing my successes and failings with you, keeping in mind that failing doesn’t make me a failure. I only become a failure when I quit trying!!

Have a fantastic day


“All the water in the world cannot drown you unless it gets inside of you”   Eleanor Roosevelt



The Power of Persistence

Take a minute and recall a time in your life when you’ve accomplished something you’re really proud of. (If it takes you more than a minute, that’s ok)

Did this special accomplishment  come as the result of staying focused, overcoming challenges and not succumbing to thoughts of quitting? And if you had a setback (or a series of obstacles) you had to overcome, did you persist and eventually succeed? When I did this exercise,  the accomplishments that I came up with all fit this description and I’ll bet yours do too!

Here’s one on my list…About 5 years ago I made the decision to hike the West Coast Trail (on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada) with my friend Terry. This 75 km hike has a reputation for requiring fitness and endurance to traverse forest trails, mud holes, rocky shoreline, suspension bridges, and extensive ladders. This world renowned hiking trail also has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful scenic areas in the world with huge trees, lush forest canopies, and spectacular shoreline and beaches.

We spent many hours preparing for the hike, dehydrating food to pack, getting together packs and tent, going on training hikes, reading books about the trail, etc. Everything had to be packed with us…not many hotels, stores,or restaurants on the West Coast Trail. And the mental preparation was most important, being prepared to face inevitable adversity…the west coast of Vancouver Island is well known for major rainfall and storms coming in from the Pacific Ocean. Conditions can get nasty in an instant. Fortunately we had mostly clear skies.(on the west coast fog counts as clear skies) The physical requirements for hiking the West Coast Trail can’t be taken too lightly, and here we were, two guys in their fifties taking on the trail that many 30 year olds would find difficult.

The raw beauty of the West Coast Trail is difficult to describe. The surrealism of the forest and beaches, especially when shrouded in a blanket of fog, punctuated by the crescendo of waves pounding the shoreline, with the tang of salt air in our nostrils to round it all off is something that must be experienced to be understood!!

I’ll always remember how we felt when we completed the hike, physically exhausted, with aching muscles, and needing a shower in the worst way. But we knew that we had just accomplished something very special with a sense of awe for what we had the privilege to see and experience.

It took a lot of persistence to plan and prepare and then to keep pressing on when aching legs and backs were telling us to quit (we were packing about 60 lbs on our backs) But it was all worthwhile! I can honestly say that completing this hike is one of my most memorable accomplishments in the past 10 years.

I’m sure that your examples of memorable accomplishments will have the same common ingredient…the power of persistence. When you have to stay focussed and persist in overcoming obstacles in reaching your objective, the rewards of accomplishment are so much sweeter.

Have a fantastic day


“Persistence beats resistance”