Living Aloha

Just spent a couple of weeks in Maui….was blown away by how beautiful it is there; jungle, desert, amazing waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, fantastic people…and the weather was just right, not too hot, not too cold. Wow!! No shortage of activities either.There’s swimming, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, etc, etc. And of course just spending the day at the beach soaking up the sun and getting that fine Hawaiian sand all over everything is on the list too!

I really don’t need to make the decision on whether to go back  or not, the only question is when.

One of our most memorable activities was an all day snorkeling and sight seeing boat trip. The beauty of the coast, the islands, the spectacular fish and other underwater sea life and dolphins made this trip fantastic. We saw a (big) manta ray, we swam  through an underwater lava tube, got to do some rock diving (for the more adventurous ones)

But what made this boat trip even more memorable was an aha moment I had while on our snorkelling trip. The captain, Dave, is a most entertaining guy with lots of stories on the history of the area and adventures he’s had…he really likes to talk, and is most personable. Best of all, he absolutely loves his job. He talked about how lucky he is to be doing what he loves in a place that he loves. He is so passionate and grateful for the opportunity to live his passion. During one of his anecdotes he spoke about this and summed it up by saying the he truly lives “Aloha”.   Now I know that aloha is the Hawaiian word for hello and goodbye, so does that mean he’s always both coming and going? :)   Dave is a very energetic guy and does bounce around alot, but I knew that’s not what he meant. So when I had an opportunity to speak with him I had to ask, “What exactly did you mean when you talked about “living aloha”?

He summed it up perfectly and in a way I’ll never forget when he said, ” Living aloha is living life with absolutely no anger”

That was it, the whole explanation was just a few short words, and as I mentioned previously, Dave is a man of many words….but  not this time! He really couldn’t have made his point any clearer by adding any more words. But what a fantastic way to live!

Think about it. What if we all made a commitment to “Live Aloha” and live our lives without the burden of anger or resentment?

When I reflect on this amazing trip to Hawaii with my family, the one thing I’ll always remember is the words “Live Aloha” and what they mean.

Aloha, and have a fantastic day


Gone Fishing

Just got back from a fantastic whirlwind tour of the LA area in California. We took a week and did some of the things we normally wouldn’t have done…most of our previous trips to the area centered around spending time at Disneyland with our kids. No Mickey Mouse on the agenda this time! We spent a few days visiting friends in Indio (a 2 hour drive from LA) and a few days in Santa Monica, just a short stroll from the pier. We checked out out Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Strip. We took in a night at the Britannia Pub in Santa Monica where they put on a fantastic Beatles Karaoke complete with a Beatles ”look alike” band. This was a spontaneous  adventure as we just decided to go a few weeks ago, which brings me to the point of this post.

We love to travel and check out new places. Most of the trips we take are booked well in advance for when we have the time to go. It seems that these trips don’t come often enough…not enough time, too much other stuff to do; all the standard excuses. This mini vacation was long enough for us to do some of the things on our list and short enough to have a minimal influence on our “real life” commitments. We “made the time” to go, rather than waiting until we weren’t busy.

What a novel idea…make the time to do the things we love to do!

As you may have deduced from the title of this post, I love to go fishing. And as is the case with many other fishermen, I don’t go fishing as much as I would like to…and why do you think I don’t? You got it, not enough time, too many other things to do, etc,etc. So, I’m making a committment to do a whole lot more fishing…and travelling… and listening to good music… and playing my guitar…and spending time with those I love. Maybe I’ll find a fine bottle of red wine to share with a friend. So much to do, so little time.

Who’s going to join me? Make the time to do the things you love!

Gone Fishing!